Friday, January 29, 2010

ホタルの光,Hotaru no hikari, 호타루의 빛

I've been really lazy and being a sleepyhead. I think I am sleeping at least 10 hours a day except nap. Unlike other pregnant women, I barely eat. Because, in my imagination, ever since I was little, pregnant woman eat like gigant gorillar or pig, I assumed and humbbly embraced that I would be same. I feel hunger much frequently than ever, so I eat ( technically having a meal) 4~6 times a day. However, I am not, (actually can't) having huge meal every time.
Literally, Eating, sleeping, watching movie or TV shows(Korea, Japanese, America, and etc.) is all about my life lately. I know I feel so imcompetence because I am not doing any fruitful thing now-a-days. I just feel like I am so worthless whenever I see super women like working mom and working pregnant women... But oh well, I am vulnerable I feel tired so easily.
Oaky, I will cut the shit. Even though I got over morning sickness, I freaked out myself sometime because I am so sensitive and being so nerdy. I know it's because of hormone changes.
And it goes out of my way to bring up a matter that human body is so amazing and God is even more wonderous and amazing. I remember from my MCB 120L Biochemistry Lab class, 3 years ago, how hormones are reacted and and gives huge changes in our body with such a small amount. (ah akkkkkkk, It was so helpful and imformative class but 6 hour all standing lab was horrible to remember. legs were alway sore and empty stomack makes me sick because my lab partner's empty stomack causes 똥내 from his mous. kekeke...)
Anyhow, I finished hotaru no hikari last week. I usually watch Japanese TV show after checking the rating few weeks after they started broad cast. I remember rating of 'hotaru no hikari' was pretty good. I don't remember why I didn't watch this. I was somewhat old one. Anyhow.....
As I was seeing her in the drama, I really thought that's just like me except all the messes around her room and everwhere elses she goes. And even before I was married, I barely went out and was so lazy to hang out with friend. Didn't like to put makeup on, didn't want to dress up especially during the winter. hehe. And now, I am pregnant, I am more getting closer to her. She frequently says, "家が一番”, which means, 'Staying home is the best.' And I was just suprised that's exactly what I am saying all the time.
I don't wanna be "乾物女”but I am yearning such a peaceful life. でも、私もジャージーがすきだも。