Friday, February 5, 2010


金が圧待てないのが私の背たって。。doesn't even make sense.
Then just wait until I cook. If you are tired, then you must understand others get tired too.
Only because of the fact that you are making money you think you are all that. You think you are the only one that sacrifies for family?!! huh, hell no!! I sacrificed my future, I turned off what I've dreamt ever since I was 3. What about my life and all the interests? Why should I give up everything? Why only me? You don't have right to say that. Your attitute as a Fathter and husband is wrong. You said, I am always fingerpointing. Hell no. look at you. You acts like you are always right. This isn't related to how mature you are or how many years you have been in the real world. This is about what your human quality is. I don't shift my attitute whenever my feeling are changed. If you think you are that mature person, just shut up and think what would be happened next when you are being crabby to others.