Friday, March 20, 2015

Flavor and Fillings

Cake/Cupcake Flavors

*No Charges

White Sponge or Castella
Red Velvet

* Chocolate Cheese Cake with Simple Decoration
   - 6"   $30
   - 9"   $ 45
* Cheese Cake with with Simple Decoration
   - 6"  $25
   - 9"  $40
*Tiramisu Cake with Simple Decoration
   - 6" $35
   - 9" $50
* Milk Soaking Cake with Simple Decoration
  - 6"  $35
  - 9"  $50


Cream Cheese
Whipped cream
Chocolate fudge
Chocolate mousse
Strawberry with Whipped Cream or Butter Cream
Raspberry with Whipped Cream or Butter Cream
Lemon Cream

*Other Flavors or Fillings available upon request

Cookies and Cakes Pricing

Basic Cakes 

6" Butter Cream                                          $25
9" Butter Cream                                          $35

6" Whipped Cream with Fruit Decor          $40
9" Whipped Cream with Fruit Decor          $50

6" Round Fondant                                        $35
9" Round Fondant                                        $45

2 Tier Butter Cream 6" & 9"                        $70
2 Tier Fondant 6" & 9"                                $90

Round 2 Tier Fondant Cake with Themed Decoration 

Disney Princesses, Superheroes, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Gender revealing, Baby Shower, Wedding Shower.. etc                                  $150-200 (Depend on the Detail of your cake)

Wedding Cake

3 Tier Round 6,9,12                                             $350
4 Tier Round 6,9,12,15                                        $475

Additional sizes and pricing available upon request.

Other Cakes

* Chocolate Cheese Cake with Simple Decoration
   - 6"   $30
   - 9"   $ 45
* Cheese Cake with with Simple Decoration
   - 6"  $25
   - 9"  $40
*Tiramisu Cake with Simple Decoration
   - 6" $35
   - 9" $50
* Milk Soaking Cake with Simple Decoration
  - 6"  $35
  - 9"  $50

Cup Cakes

1 Dozen with just icing                                                   $15
1 Dozen icing and simple fondant decoration on top     $20
1 Dozen icing and detailed fondant decoration on top   $30

Cookies with Decoration
*These are good for Party Favor or Presents for the Guest

1 Dozen sugar Cookies with simple Royal icing decoration      $20
1 Dozen sugar Cookies with Detailed Royal icing Decoration  $35

1 Dozen sugar Cookies with simple Fondant icing Decoration       $20
1 Dozen Sugar Cookies with Detailed Fondant icing Decoration   $35

*Minimum order 2 Dozen

Special  Cookies and Cakes
Price will be determined on the detail of your cookies or cakes.

Birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies            $10
3 Tier and larger cakes delivery and set up      $20


A 50% deposit is required on all orders over $100. And Final Payment is due one week before the date you need the cake or cookie.

Price subject to change with notice.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diapers Review

I've been using Pampers Swaddler Sesitive for my 3 month old daughter, Haylynn. It had been looked okay up to size 2. However, ever since she moved up to size 3 (she's 18lb now), diaper rashes getting worse and worse. So I've tried out almost every kinds of diapers to find the finest diaper for her and decided to write a review of all diapers I've been using based on my experience on my daughter. For size 3, except generic brands such as target 'up and' up and costco 'kirkland', I am currently using, Huggies pure and natural, Huggies little movers, Huggies overnites, Pampers swaddler sensitive, Pampers baby dry, Seventh Generation, Nature Babycare, and luvs.

Huggies Overnites(UL) Nature Babycare(UM) Huggies Little Movers(UR)
Pampers Swaddler Sensitive(LL) Pampers Baby Dry
(LM) Luvs(LR)

Huggies Pure and Natural (L) Seventh Generation(R)

1. Huggies Overnites I love it!! There was no leakage or blowout during the whole night. It was totally dry after 9 to 12 hours.

Absorbency: Great
Leakage: None
Design: Okay
Price: $0.34

2. Nature Babycare Another diaper that I love the most. This is good for over night. I usually use this one when we go out.

Absorbency: Great
Leakage: None
Design: hmm. It was originally no design. But they put little flower stamps all over the diaper. Which looks kinda cute and simple. I love them a lot.
Price: $0.29 if you buy it @ wal-mart, $0.34 amazon

3. Huggies Little Movers This is okay diaper if you are using during the daytime.

Absorbency: Good
Leakage: little from the side
Design: cute
Price: $0.29

4. Pampers Swaddler Sensitive Oh, I loved this one a lot. I mean literally a lot until my baby was using size 2. There's indicator so you know when she need to change.However, they mixed cruiser and swaddler from size 3. So there's no indicator and the absorbency is not as great as size N,1, or 2.

Absorbency: okay
Leakage: yes, yes, yes. There's blowout too. a lot.
Design: cute until size 2.
Price: $0.34

5. Pampers Baby Dry I haven't used this diaper until a friend of mine gave me a box of this. Her daughter is 3 month older than mine. And she's been using this one from the birth and she doesn't have any problem with because I guess she is a formula baby. Since my daughter is a breastfed baby, she had lots of problems with this diaper.

Absorbency: poor
Leakage: yes. blowout worst ever
Design: cute, suitable for baby. sesame street charters on the front and cute clouds on the back.
Price: $0.20

6. Luvs worst diaper ever. This is mimicking version of Pampers Baby Dry.

Absorbency: very poor
Leakage: yes. They said money back guaranteed for leakage. But there was leakage from the side and blowout from the back. I am very upset.
Design: sucks
Price: $0.22

7. Huggies Pure and Natural I used a box of newborn as soon as my Haylynn was born. This is one of the greatest diaper ever but really pricey.

Absorbency: good
Leakage: almost none. little bit from the side
Design: Simple and cute; pooh on the front and the back
Price: $0.46

8. Seventh Generation It is eco friendly diapers that has all functions of diaper but worst blowout ever.

Absorbency: good
Leakage: little bit from the side. blowout from the back. Worst ever.
Design: not very good. just yellowish plastic back-like
Price: $0.34

So, I've decided to go with Huggies overnites during the night and Little movers during the day.
And of course I will do carry Nature baby care when we go out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank you Wonjung Imo

18 days old Haylynn wearing what Wonung Imo bought for her 9 month ago. Thank you aunt Wonjung. (Korean: Imo=이모=異母=Aunt)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haylynn Hasol Lee

12 days old Haylynn

Monday, July 12, 2010

Haylynn Hasol Lee

July 8th, 2010. My precious Haylynn Hasol Lee was born.
Haylynn I love you from bottom of my heart. Can't even express with a word how much I love you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 days left

I would like to pat myself on the back. It has been 39 weeks as I have lived as a mother, wife, student, and a teacher, and I did pretty well. I should be proud of myself but now I am scared.

First of all, I am facing to new era of my life, and I know being a parent and its following responsibilities are quite overwhelmed.

Second of all, I am also so hesitating for what I should do for future. I've always wanted to be a MD and Medical missionary, however, now what? I am a mother and wife, can't pursuit my own goal. I should be able to picture that I and my family can make it together. Time to sacrifice for family as a responsible grownup. Actually, more than that, I think I am scared to be faced to patient who really needs help. I am not ready. I mean, I am not mature enough to be a doctor who gives help unconditionally. Honestly, I am lack of everything to be a doctor. Oh well, okay. More honestly though, I am more interested in working in the lab. I did not realize that I am more like lab person.

Lastly but not least, I would like to study more............
But what about my family?? hmm

Yeah, I am so hesitating and confusing where I should add step forward.