Q & A

Frequently asked Questions.
1. What is your real name? 
-Lindsee Lee is my real name. However I am still using my maiden name "Ahn
 So either Lindsee Lee or Lindsee Ahn works fine for me.

2. What is you ethnicity?
- Korean

3. How do you speak Korean, English, and Japanese?
-As I mentioned on my youtube channel. I was born and raised in Korea. 
And I came to the States when I was 22 so I inevitably learned English to survive.
Japaneses, hmm... I remember that my grand dad graduated Kyoto Univ. and lived in Japan for several years.
However, he never taught me Japanese. Only thing I remember was he used to spoke Japanese language from time to time. And he taught me Chinese characters (= Japanese kangi, Korean hanmoon) which are still being used in China, Japan, and Korea. 
So, probably that was the reason that I could learn Japanese so quickly. Oh, and I have lots of Japanese friends. ......And believe it or not, I can speak little bit of French and some Latin. And I can only read and understand Chinese but barely speak. It's way hard to pronounce.

4. How long have you been married?
- It has been 5 years. 

5. What did you study in College?
- Theology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

6. Can you make Kimchi?
- Yes I can. I am planning to post "how to" video on my youtube channel.

7. What is the fond that you are using on the videos?
- It is called "SD kwangsoo" which is one of the Korean fonds. If you want to patch this font on your software, you should add "Korean" on your keyboard. Go to control panel and  open up the language setting. Add Korean on your keyboard. Then download SD Gwangsoo from some Korean website.

8. What is the difference between Hangul and Hiragana?
- 'Hangul' directly means 'Korean language' while 'Hiragana' is one of the set of Japanese alphabet letters.

9. Could you tell me how you start skin care routine? What products are you using? You look younger than your age. 
- Thank you. :)  First of all, thoroughly rinsing face makeup is the key. If you didn't remove eyeshadows, eyeliners, or mascara thoroughly, the leftovers smear into your skin and make under eye dark circles. 

Second, USE SUNBLOCK 24 x  7. Even in the night, the light wavelength from lamp could damage your skin. So apply SPF 15~20 sunblock during the night time. Plus, sun block could provide essential moisture and oil for your skin while you are sleeping. 

Third. don't wash your face frequently. It would take moisture away from your skin. 
Twice a day, morning and evening, is enough.

I am using various skincare products from various brands. If you are stubborn to use just one brand, that is okay for now. However, your skin get used to only those products so other kinds of products may not work on your skin later on.

10. How old are you?
- Twenty something years old. Expecting 30 soon. oT^To