Thursday, November 19, 2009

First vomiting during the pregnancy

uggggg, as soon as I finished lunch, I felt like throw up.
I was just trying not to vomit due to the morning sickness, but oops it happened. I was watching Dr. Oz show while I was eating. The show was about a man who lost his face from the tragic accident and transplants of face and its procedures, plus donor and his family's warm heart giving story. I was pretty impressed, thought how important organ donation is. But they overly showed the man's face before the surgery.

I mean this is so touching story that everyone can cry and be moved. And I've never thought patient's illness or appearance is disgusting or never felt sick. I guess it was little harsh for my baby in the womb to watch it yet.

Oh baby, I would never thought you parasitize in me. Just let me breathe.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chirstmas Movie in disguise

Okay. Pregnant woman is suppose to watch happy and warm movie in order for prenatal care.
It's not good to be frightened. garrrrrrrrr...

I just want to be felt happy by watching those lovely humanism drama-like Christmas Movie because it usually does make people happy.

However, oh my gosh. It was not the movie I expected. I was just scared form most of the scenes except very last part. Beside, I watched this film at 3D theater. urrrrrrrrrr

Story was same as I expected, plus, Jim Carry's accent and voice were almost same as Homer Simpson.

Overall, B-

I just anticipated it would give the spectacles as much as "Beowulf".

Sunday, November 8, 2009