Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best friend reunion, Little Italy in SF

Best fettuchini I've ever had.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

11 weeks and 6 days

The baby was so wiggly so it was little hard to capture heart beat.
I guess our baby is very active and strong.
He or she has father's chin and my forehead. so cute

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First vomiting during the pregnancy

uggggg, as soon as I finished lunch, I felt like throw up.
I was just trying not to vomit due to the morning sickness, but oops it happened. I was watching Dr. Oz show while I was eating. The show was about a man who lost his face from the tragic accident and transplants of face and its procedures, plus donor and his family's warm heart giving story. I was pretty impressed, thought how important organ donation is. But they overly showed the man's face before the surgery.

I mean this is so touching story that everyone can cry and be moved. And I've never thought patient's illness or appearance is disgusting or never felt sick. I guess it was little harsh for my baby in the womb to watch it yet.

Oh baby, I would never thought you parasitize in me. Just let me breathe.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chirstmas Movie in disguise

Okay. Pregnant woman is suppose to watch happy and warm movie in order for prenatal care.
It's not good to be frightened. garrrrrrrrr...

I just want to be felt happy by watching those lovely humanism drama-like Christmas Movie because it usually does make people happy.

However, oh my gosh. It was not the movie I expected. I was just scared form most of the scenes except very last part. Beside, I watched this film at 3D theater. urrrrrrrrrr

Story was same as I expected, plus, Jim Carry's accent and voice were almost same as Homer Simpson.

Overall, B-

I just anticipated it would give the spectacles as much as "Beowulf".

Sunday, November 8, 2009






Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love you Bond

Bond wearing louis scarp

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Don't even have time to sleep.
Don't even have time to enjoy my fresh mint tea.
Don't even have time to do houseshores.
Don't even have time to cook.
Don't even have time to learn languages.
It's okay that I don't have time for myself.
-_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;; oT^To
So damn freaking Tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm too damn busy

Ever Since I was back from Korea, I've been too damn busy and still fighting against jet-leg. I've got so many work to do; houseshores, tutoring, teaching, studying, taking care of bills, some paper works for school, looking for used car for my sister, grocery shopping, grooming my shih-zhu, cooking for my hubby, telephoning with friends and paprents that I am back from Korea, "oh, how are you guys doing?", blah, blah (more likely inevitable socializing stuffs)..................etc...............etc.

What I really want to do right now is go to shop estee lauder re-nutriv skin softer @ macy's and take those nice free gifts. Oh my gosh those are best free gift that I've seen ever.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am doing great except damn jet lag.
I used to be okay with desynchronosis though.
I don't know why it's so tough to fight this time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to life; getting bigger and bigger

I eat much less than when I used to eat in Korea. But I am getting heavier and I don't know why.
Watching my weight and enlarged belly everyday is misarable.
Oh maybe the rummer that American foods products are generically modified and manupulate so that it makes people feel hungry and eat more food is ture.
I am a living evidence. xD
Believe it or not, I am still starving, even though I just had dinner.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family reunion! We went to Tongyoung, Kyungsang Namdo which is south-east part of Korea. It's not Busan. It was 2 hours away from Busan. Tonyoung's local special product is Oyster and its soup and strew. Of course we had Oyster stew but didn't taste good enough comparing to regular oyster soup bob(I don't know what's called, 굴국밥; maybe it's called rice served in oyster soup) places in Seoul and any other places.
But definitely sashimi was the greatest choice that we've chosen during the trip.
Oh, we took the cable car and climbed up to Miruk Mt. the view was quite good at the top, however, oh my goodness, I am acrophobia. -_-;;;;;;;;;; I just kept mumbling, "oh Lord, oh Lord" more than a hundred times and my family made fun of me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I got another wisdom tooth pulled out and it hecka hurts. I can't even open my mouth and brush teeth. Owie!!!!!!!>.<

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sigh. I couldn't take that many pictures of foods even though I've had lots of different delicacies. I just forgot to take a photo and started eating right away. -_-;;

Shop Shop Shop

This is the only beginning.hahaha I will post videos about what I've bought and reviews of Korean cosmetics.^---------------------^ I already filmed. errrr I spent too much money but it's not worthless. I don't plan to come to visit Korea for next 2 or 3 years and some Korean producs are extremely expensive in the State.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

with Eunちゃん@ Starbucks

Starbucks in Korea is considerably more expensive than America. And I couldn't have my lovable java chip frappuccino because I needed to extract wisdom theeth very next day. Anyway

it was great to see and hang out with my old friend Eunjung and her wonderful cell members.

And ouch! It still hurts. My wisdom teeth go away for good. :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I miss my family

I missed my Mom and Dad when I was in the States. But I now miss my family in the States.

Hubby and son, James and Bond.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

명동, Myung-dong

꾸에엑. 사람 너무 많아서 토할뻔 했어. 그치만 오랫만에 친구들 만나서 넘 즐거웠엉^-^

Friday, July 24, 2009

To youtube subscribers

Hi all!!

I usually reply to every comment and reply back to every subscriber. However, for some reasons, I can't reply to the comments and can't even post the videos ever since I came to Korea. Something keeps blocking my activities.. I guess it is because the media law passed last Wednesday in Korea but I am not sure. I will figure it out soon and post videos. Thanks for being patient.And again, thank you, subscribers!

Oh, and I am doing well in Korea. It's nice and so much fun.
But I already miss my families and friends in the States.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

날이 너무 더워져서 그런지 갑자기 영계백숙이 먹고 싶더라. 그래서 영계를 사러 마트에 갔다.
딱 young chicken이라고 써있길래 적당한 놈을 샀는데, 미국이라 그런지 영계도 덩치가 제법 크다.
남편이랑 둘이 다리 하나씩도 다 못 뜯어 먹었다.

오늘은 남은 고기랑 찹쌀로 닭죽을 끓이는데, 살만 발라내는데 30분이 넘게 걸렸다. 고기 진짜 많아..-_- 초복중복말복 다 이렇게 챙겨먹었던 조상님들 대단하셔.

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Wednesday, July 1, 2009





어린 시절 music channel을 보며, 난 그 중에서도, Michel Jackson과 Janet Jackson의 Scream Music Video를 가장 좋아했다. 깨끝하고 simple해 보이는 black and white tone에, 뮤비 중간 중간 보이는, Andy Warhol의 작품이라든가, 동양적 요소, 그리고 MJ와 JJ의 표정들이 그냥 쫗았다.

하지만 사실 마이클 잭슨이 죽었다는 기사를 든는 순간, 난 아무 생각이 없었다.
사람의 생몰이 자연의 이치 이고, 신의 섭리이듯이 그저 또 큰 별하나가 졌구나 하는 생각 뿐이었다.
하지만 나의 어린 시절을 돌아보면 크다고는 할 수 없지만, 그의 영향이 없지는 않다는 생각이
불현듯 들었다. 이 시대에 사는 사람이라면 적어도 지난 20~30년동안 MJ의 음악을 들어보지 않는 사람은 없을 것이다 적어도 그 사람이 문화생활을 전혀 하지 않거나 TV를 아얘 보지 않는 한.

한때는 그에게는 불명예 스러운 tabloid지의 거짓 기사를 믿고 그를 미워 한 적도 있었으나,
지금의 Tom Cruis가 그렀듯이, 돈많고 명예?있는 사람들을 시대에 희생양으로 만들어 땅바닥까지 끌어내리려는 못된 심보를 가진 인간들이 만들어낸 불쌍한 한 인물, 그 저 인간에 지나지 않았다는 것이 참 슬프기도 하다. 그를 조롱하던 사람들은 아직도 그의 죽음앞에 그를 비웃고 있는 것일까? 설령 그 gossip이 사실이었다 쳐도, 죽은 사람을 매도 하는 건 아니라고 본다. MJ가 무슨 매국노도 아니고, anti-Christ도 아니고.

왜 사람들은 잘난 사람을 시기 하는 것일까? 나도 인간이기에 그런 마음이 아주 없다는 뜻은 아니다. 하지만 꼭 그들의 몰락을 기다렸다는듯이 손가락질 해대는, 또 그런 사실도 아닌 아이러니를 즐기는 이 시대는 꼭 노아의 방주때 하나님께 심판 받아야 마땅했던 타락한 인간들 처럼 보인다.

요즘 정말 무섭다. 사람들은 너무 많이 타락하고, 또 그것을 즐리다가 또 언제 그랬냐는 듯이 체면을 차리기 일쑤다. 하늘이 알고 땅이 알고, 자기 자신이 안다. 전세계의 문화 부흥에 앞장서고, 한 시대를 풍미했던 그, 그의 인간성이나 도덕성은 어떠했는지 알 수는 없지만, 그의 실력이나 노력은 너무 혹독한 댓가를 치러야 했다.

큰 인물들의 말년.. 안타까움을 대중에게 안겨주고 사라지는 그들..
이제와서 대서특필하며 추모하고 난리를 쳐도, 그 들을 궁지 몰아넣은 건 그 들을 스타덤에 이끌어 올려 놓은 것 또한 대중들이었으리라.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3rd Wedding Anniversary @ Mortons


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nail Arts

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OMG, I am aging.

I've been so scared looking in the mirror at myself lately.
I didn't realize how wrinkle forms around the nose and mouth area. Well, technically, I know how wrinkles form but I didn't want to believe this would happen to me this early.
At the first place, I just tried to smooth wrinkles down with products. However, it hardly went away only using anti-wrinkle creams. So I decided to find out the fundamental issues about my wrinkles.

First, I force a smile. It makes wrinkes deeper and deeper around the nose and mouth area. After age 25, if you are a woman, you should take a good care of yourself, especially your skin! Everyone ever heard about the saying, 'A most beautiful age of woman is 25', which means,at this age, woman's body is mature enough to fulfill biological functions. Their hormone system settled perfectly so that the harmony of the interactions with other organs makes their appearance nicer. However, you should keep in mind it also means your beauty is just starting to decline when you get reached to the peak. Going back to the point that I was going to make, if you are at age 25 or more, you have to be very careful when make a facial expression. Since most fats in your body tend to go down through the gravity, there are barely fats on your facial area so it is easy to get lines. So try avoid forcing a smile or frowning. When you need to smile, just naturally laugh.

Second, I can't get rid of wrinkles but I can keep it down.
With maintaining good wrinkle care habits, you can also do facial exercise or massage. I am trying to do facial yoga and massage everyday. It would effects on retardation of wrinkle forming because you are actually stimulating lymph vessels during massaging or exercising.

Third, hydrate! hydrate! hydrate!!
I wash my face with cold water. After using cleansing milk you should you use warm water in order to remove all the dirts completely. However, be aware of washing your face with cold water once more. Since warm or hot water evaporate quicker than cold water, it is also easy to take water away from your skin. As a result, your face dry up faster and get wrinkls easier. Also, pores on our skin prone to open and excret at high temperature, it would remain open when you wash your face with hot or warm water. So it is important that finish with cold water in order to close the pores.

Aplying lotions or other skin care products right after washing your face is another key point that you don't get wrinkles easily. However, it is best way that you don't apply any product on your skin. Our body remebers what happens and try to balace. So if you keep applying too much of lotions, it would think your skin doesn't need hydration so it would stop generating. Thus, the best way keep moisturizing is appy adequate amount of skin product. Just skip apply lotions or toners and even ani-aging creams 2 or 3 times a week.

I used to have very dry skin ever since I moved to NorCal, I put pretty large amount of lotions and toners everyday. However, for some reasons, my skin got drier and drier. I had even tried some medications but it didn't work. One day, when I studied for midterm and was reading text book (oh yeah, I was pre-med student), I realize that my skin went to wrong path. (The material I was studying was hormone) And few days later, I had a chance to watch Japanese TV show "嵐の宿題くん", rarely they deal with beauty subject but it was special broad cast that they have special guest to talk about this.

I don't usually write much on the posts, but this is way too long.
To be continued....

Monday, June 15, 2009

my son, Bond

Bond, I love you so much~♡

Monday, June 1, 2009

博士の愛した数式: The professor and his beloved equation (2005)

As a scientist and teacher, I love this scene. It explains not only basics of sciences but nature of the world. Warm and touching movie.

しかしね、この博士演じる 寺尾 聡さんの話したけどさ、この人チェンージで悪役たったのに、映画にはまるで新鮮で、ぜんぜん違う人に見えるんだ。勿論、チェンージを先に見たからだ。



I had two cups of coffee at cheese cake factory,
and I've been still up since yesterday afternoon.
They probably put an amount of unflavored redbull in it.
@_@ 짜장면 한 그릇이 간절하게 땡긴다.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I haven't thought about that I open the blog.

I really still don't know why I am doing this but I hope this blog thingy will help keeping up my everyday's life and so that I can look back and it reflects on my future life.



블로그란거 정말 귀찮은 일이라고 생각했는데, 뭐 대세가 블로그니, facebook 이나 myspace같은 community 위주의 webpage 보다는 자신의 뭔가가 생긴것 같은 느낌이 들어서 좋다.

열심히 해봐야지~^-^ 아자!