Thursday, November 19, 2009

First vomiting during the pregnancy

uggggg, as soon as I finished lunch, I felt like throw up.
I was just trying not to vomit due to the morning sickness, but oops it happened. I was watching Dr. Oz show while I was eating. The show was about a man who lost his face from the tragic accident and transplants of face and its procedures, plus donor and his family's warm heart giving story. I was pretty impressed, thought how important organ donation is. But they overly showed the man's face before the surgery.

I mean this is so touching story that everyone can cry and be moved. And I've never thought patient's illness or appearance is disgusting or never felt sick. I guess it was little harsh for my baby in the womb to watch it yet.

Oh baby, I would never thought you parasitize in me. Just let me breathe.